Safety with Dignity

Safety with Dignity

Since 2007 Safety with Dignity has reached over 15,000 middle and high school students with our real-life, story-telling plays created by teens for teens, and our peer-mediation and restorative practice trainings for high school students and their teachers.

Peer Mediation Restorative Practice

The play Lyn and Aisha formed together titled Ain’t Easy about 6 Bronx teens and their experience with violence in their neighborhoods was performed for 13,000 young people and their teachers. Audience response to the play and after-performance discussions with the cast encouraged Lyn and Aisha to use the inspiration of the play to introduce and train teens in the possibility of resolving conflict without violence. Frustrated by training 20 young people in a school to handle conflict constructively, then leaving 20 students with little support in an unchanged school community, led the trainers to help students and teachers organize and promote peer-mediation programs and school-wide restorative practice.


DREAM! chooses to work with Bronx young people in their schools because a school offers a stable community of 450 or so young people. Transformation of the ways individual students and the school deal with conflict, not only interrupts the “school to prison pipeline” and its devastating impact on young people, but as our Researcher’s report begins to document, the school community can become a base for transformation that extends with the young people who have changed themselves, into their families and the often chaotic life they experience daily on the street.


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